Serving the community since 2012    


Wiselittlebee are based in Yorkshire in the UK.  We offer bespoke training and workshops mainly to mental health sufferers but also to vulnerable adults and children within our community. Working closely with Mental Health and Social Care Organisations we deliver therapeutic workshops through the art and creative process.


Craft Fairs/Etsy Store - By purchasing from Wiselittlebee you are supporting us to deliver art & craft based training and workshops.

Wiselittlebee sell handmade items at craft fairs, local shop displays, online selling platforms and also through direct customer requests.

Teaching, learning and creating is part of our lives, we are very proud to provide training days and bespoke workshops for specific groups within our community , helping those less fortunate than ourselves find inclusion, gain new personal/craft skills and discover their creative side.


Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and for showing interest in who we are. Our plans for 2018 include becoming more " visible" online, sharing more of our creative practices and expanding our workshop areas.


If you have any questions/ideas do get in touch!


Our e-mail is info@wiselittlebee.co.uk  or follow us on one or all of our Social Media Platforms.


Best Wishes

From All The Team !